Our Credibility

Through the success of our program, we have compiled a great deal of data, research and resources to aid in our outreach to impact more lives. Below are links to help support our efforts and explain how we are making long term impact.

GPS for Success

Program Overview

GPS FOR SUCCESS uses an approach that is designed to shift the focus from drugs and instead focus on building up their self-esteem, purpose, fulfillment, and direction. 

GPS for SUCCESS Program Overview


GPS for Success

Evidence & Data

Maintaining the fidelity of our programming and training is a key component that has attributed to our proven success.  We have a research partnership with The College of William & Mary to continue data collection and the analysis process. Below are research-based documents to support our evidence-based and data-driven programming!

MLMP Data Summary

Program Logic Model

Training Logic Model

Article: "Role of Causality Orientations..."

Journal: "A Practitioner-Based Study..."

White Paper for Future Soldier

Research Article: "An Examination of..."

Quantitative Research: "Understanding..."

Research Article: "A Practitioner-Based..."

Journal: "Experiences of Law..."

Article: "Role of Causality Orientations..."