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Empowering our future generations to be more intrinsically driven, focused in life, equipped to work through life’s challenges, and committed to staying drug free!

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Who We Are

Over the last 10 years, MLMPI has created a prevention and intervention method of training and programming to create real-time results within your schools. We have found that by creating a dynamic culture within your school or organization, we are able to set a foundation for achieving long term, sustainable results.

My Life My Power® (MLMP) is a 501(c)3 founded in 2010 with an evidence-based Social Emotional Intelligence (SEL) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) program called GPS for Life® founded upon research based initiatives while integrating evidence-based approaches such as building peer-mentoring systems, self-awareness activities, motivational interviewing and positive behavioral interventions and support through experiential learning. The GPS for SUCCESS programming is an extension of the GPS for LIFE materials. We feature an interactive online platform and book program which is used as a tool to facilitate and enhance the mentoring process. In addition, we provide experiential training workshops and follow-up sessions with law enforcement and teachers who will be facilitating the program. Topics addressed within our program include, but are not limited to areas of life skills and mentoring such as goal setting, character building, drug abuse and at risk behaviors, leadership skills, confronting fears, restorative practices, civic responsibilities, discovering passions, learning from challenges and successes, as well as developing resilience skills.

GPS FOR SUCCESS uses a unique approach that is designed to shift the focus from drugs and instead focus on building up their self-esteem, purpose, fulfillment, and direction in life. Through GPS FOR SUCCESS, we strive to motivate and inspire youth on what to do in their lives without focusing on drugs as a talking point. To keep youth from having a desire or interest in participating in drug usage, one does not need to talk about the drugs, but instead determine the root reason of WHY they are doing drugs or may have an interest in doing drugs either now or in the future. Then, we inspire them to create a different belief system which tells them that drugs are short lived and that they will be more positively fulfilled through other things in their life.

By focusing on establishing and maintaining a strong mentoring relationship with your students, you will find that you can open the line of communication while developing trust and a connection, without having to focus on the topic of drugs. Our proven approach takes place over the course of five weeks in which teachers/SRO’s are provided with age-appropriate materials, handouts, videos and activities to do with their students. With the GPS for SUCCESS approach, we help empower students and/or youth to be more intrinsically driven, focused in life, equipped to work through life’s challenges, and committed to staying drug free!

We have collected data in majors markets such as: P-12 school system, Foster Care, After School Programs, Juvenile Justice System (DJJ), and Universities. In the P-12 system and Foster Care, our data indicates that our GPS for LIFE Program has positive impacts on the at-risk youth who have participated in the program with improvements in and increase among youth in: self-esteem, purpose in life, time management, self-confidence, communication and productivity. At Miami Youth Academy, and level 6 DJJ facility, in the past 3 years, we have dropped the re-arrest rate from 80% to less than 25%. From our previous markets and data collected we wanted to create a sustainable solution for youth and partner with various communities and agencies to provide a place to send at-risk youth and students in need of credit recovery to graduate. We also have an accredited University Course at Nova Southeastern University in the College of Education. The result of our data collection is that we have been successful in dropping the freshman dropout rate from 20% to less than 3%. These results in the various markets further enhance our outreach with the people that we train such as: teachers, law enforcement, youth, foster care industry, CEO’s, corporations, military and many more.

Our Locations

We are currently in 18 states with our Training and Prevention Program: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, New York, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, Arizona, California, Arkansas, and Virginia.

Our Reach

Our FREE Prevention program is designed to reach ALL types of students in any school setting with all types of learning styles. We work with Private and Public schools, Law Enforcement, Homeschool Associations, After School Programs, Athletes/Coaches, LD/ADHD and Dyslexic students.

Our Market

Our trainings serve: Educators, Law Enforcement, Military, Community Organizations/Associations, Public Health and Safety.   **Law Enforcement & Educators receive Certificate Credit**

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Checkout some of the GPS for SUCCESS videos showcasing the extent of our efforts through our programming and how our trainings are providing generational and sustainable impact around the country.

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